Cigars & Cufflinks the Elitist Mobile Cigar Lounge, is a mobile lounge which will provide a first class alternative choice to dealing with the stronghold on the current options for cigar aficionados to enjoy their passion.

Cigars & Cufflinks gives the cigar enthusiast who is strongly into the LIFESTYLE & CULTURE associated with the enjoyment of fine cigars a superior option to the limited choices which currently exist.

Cigars & Cufflinks is a MOBILE LOUNGE (NOT a Party Bus) with all the amenities of traditional cigar lounges, & added features to create an eclectic & sophisticated atmosphere.  Available for EVENT RENTAL for any event where a lasting impression is mandatory.

Cigars & Cufflinks provides the exclusivity that is highly sought after by many who seek a high quality atmosphere for their social & professional agendas.

In addition to our rental services for your events, Cigars & Cufflinks will also serve as an EXCLUSIVE members only cigar club.  Catered & refined for members who have a distinct taste for luxury & attention to detail & a desire to have an unmatched cigar smoking EXPERIENCE.

We provide to our clients, your clients & our club members, an opulent customer service event in a setting pleasing to the most particular persons seeking exclusivity within a luxury environment…   All within a mobile lounge.

And while we will cater to everyone from the cigar novice to the cigar aficionado, we will also offer the same unmatched services for NON smoking social & corporate events as well.  Our luxury lounge will provide that “Eyes Wide” moment for your event regardless of smoking choice.  Our mobile luxury lounge IS the star of the show.