Cigars & Cufflinks is accepting admissions for its private cigar club for all persons seeking exclusivity and an outing rewarding of the most demanding individuals.  Regardless of your cigar smoking experience, the common factor amongst all Cigars & Cufflinks members is their “finer things in life” addiction.

Cigars & Cufflinks members will meet once monthly at a minimum, at various locations in the Houston and surrounding areas, because once again, our lounge is mobile.  An outing may occur in the Museum District one week & the next may occur on the 18th green.

Cigars & Cufflinks member events will take place at a premier choice destination for its members to enjoy cigars and fellowship with other like minded individuals.  We will provide the means for our members to not only smoke a cigar, but have a first class cigar smoking experience.   Our discriminating lounge environment will provide the means for members to escape into a cigar lover’s luxury refuge that cigar enthusiast will exalt & applaud.

And of course, we will provide you with some of the most highly acclaimed & exclusive cigars for your smoking pleasure, along with catered items ensuring a magnificent outing is had by our members and their guests.

Inquire within for membership details and pricing.